Comments Policy

Oggy Bloggy Ogwr uses the Disqus comments system. A guide on how to use Disqus is available here. Comments are always welcome, and I'll try to respond promptly to any comments left.

You don't need a Disqus account to comment, but you do need an e-mail address. Don't be put off by that as e-mail addresses are kept private. You can also use Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts to comment via Disqus too.

The Rules

Comments aren't actively moderated, meaning they appear as soon as you post them without being read by me beforehand - though I'm notified when a comment is left. I'm pleased to say moderation is  rare on Oggy Bloggy Ogwr and comments are often of a high standard.

Due to a number of incidents, and in anticipation of the 2016 National Assembly election, I've decided to introduce stricter and standardised rules to enable smooth operation of the site.

Disqus has powerful moderation tools, and breaking any of these rules will lead to comment moderation :

  • i) Using multiple identities, impersonating someone else, using a fake e-mail, appropriating an e-mail from another person, website or company or doing anything to prevent the author or another commentator from replying to a comment without causing nuisance to third parties.
  • ii) Flaming (abusive language), trolling (posting deliberately controversial comments to provoke a reaction) and persistent use of foul language, whether aimed at the author or other commentators.
  • iii) Persistent off-topic comments or attempting to derail a conversation.
  • iv) Comments that could be considered libellous, condone criminal activity or make unsubstantiated serious allegations against a public figure, commentator or author.
  • v) Racism, sexism or other forms of discriminatory language. This includes linking to sites which contain such material, or posting material that would otherwise be considered "bad taste" – i.e. pornography.
  • vi) Advertising without permission (spam).
  • vii) Posting personal information (addresses, phone numbers, details about private lives) that isn't already in the public domain. "Public domain" is defined as the mainstream media, freedom of information requests, public records etc.
  • viii) Harassing or abusing the author on social media, making threats or sending hate mail.
  • ix) Comments which are poorly written, rambling/excessive in length, use ASCII, poorly formatted or don't make sense.


    If you believe a comment has broken the rules, click the "flag as inappropriate" button in Disqus next to the offending comment. Nobody will be told their comment was flagged.

    In cases where a comment doesn't quite break the rules but comes close to breaking them, I'll issue a written warning though comments themselves won't be deleted. Also, if a comment thread drifts significantly off-topic it'll be closed.
    • Where rules have been broken, the comment will be deleted with a reason given why.
    • Second instances from the same commentator will be treated similarly with a final written warning issued.
    • A third instance will lead to e-mails and IP addresses being temporarily or permanently blocked from commenting depending on the seriousness of the rule breach. For example, abuse will be moderated more severely than poorly formatted comments.