Details of my obligations to you (privacy etc.) are provided in the Disclaimer.

A friendly reminder to everyone as I've had a number of requests: I won't give out my phone number (home or mobile) under any circumstances. It's for personal security reasons and because I prefer to use e-mail with people I don't know well. Please respect that.

Requests from other publications

I accept invitations to write freelance for other publications/blogs/websites. Requests should be made via e-mail, preferably giving me an idea of what you want me to write.

I've provided articles for Cambria Magazine and Planet, while blog posts have also featured (edited and unedited) on Click on Wales (Institute of Welsh Affairs) and the Daily Wales website.

If you would like to write a guest post (nobody's done so yet, but I'm open to the idea), send me an e-mail with an outline of what you want to write, but it has to be relevant to the site's Mission Statement.

Complaints & Right to Reply

This is a self-published site, meaning I don't have an editor or any form of quality control. That also means sometimes I'm going to get things wrong or offend someone - though I always try to avoid doing so. There are several things I consider reasonable grounds for complaint:
  • Copyright infringement and/or plagiarism - Content you rightfully own hasn't been correctly credited.
  • Misquotation - Quotes have been taken out of context or incorrectly attributed.
  • Factual inaccuracy - Something I presented as a "fact" simply isn't true or has been misinterpreted.
  • Offensive material - I've written or produced something that could be considered gravely offensive or libellous, breaching my own Comments Policy.

The first step in making a complaint about a blog post is to send me an e-mail :

If you want me to take a complaint seriously, clearly outline the grounds for your complaint – don't just disagree with what I've written. Give me some idea of what you would like me to do to make things right too.

Anyone mentioned in a blog post has a right to reply. That means I'm willing to publish a succinct rebuttal to any accusations, misquotes or factual inaccuracies relating to anyone mentioned in a blog.