With scrutiny of "citizen journalists" increasing, and recent changes to the law such as the Defamation Act 2013, I need to have terms and conditions to govern the use of Oggy Bloggy Ogwr.

1. Liability
  1. This site is for information and commentary only, and isn't produced for financial gain.
  2. Any opinion expressed here – whether through blog posts, via comments or via social media – is my own fair comment, and not that of any political party, political movement, business, charity, public body, employer or institution.
  3. I don't claim liability for content of third-party comments, or actions taken as a result of information provided on this site.
  4.  Content is broadly aimed at those aged 16 and over.
  5. This website operates under the laws of England & Wales. Any disputes that arise fall under the jurisdiction of English & Welsh courts.

2. Style Guide

  1. Publications (newspapers, television programmes etc.) will be credited in italics. Websites will be credited in lower case standard font (i.e. blahblahblah.com).
  2. Direct quotations will be given "within quotation marks in italics". Longer quotations may be edited, with dashes (....) highlighting cuts. Transcripts will consist of a centred grey background in normal font.
  3. Politicians and academics will be titled with the appropriate prefix (i.e Cllr.) or suffix (i.e. AM), their party (where applicable) and their ward, constituency or region (where applicable). Government and shadow cabinet ministers will be titled by their ministerial post only. Hereditary titles, peerages and honours will usually not be acknowledged on this site.
  4. An alternative banner will be used annually from the first Saturday of November until November 12th to acknowledge Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day. Alternative banners may also be used to mark celebrations.
  5. Obituary graphics will be used to acknowledge : sitting AMs who die in office; the death of former senior Welsh Government ministers and First Ministers; serious catastrophes that befall Wales and the death of anyone who has "made a substantial impact" on Welsh life.
  6. I reserve the right to make minor modifications or updates without stating what corrections have been made. This includes :
    • spelling, formatting and grammatical errors
    • replacing images and videos
    • replacing hot-linked images that have disappeared
    • replacing broken links
  7. Larger mistakes that don't warrant deletion will be acknowledged by a "strike through".
3. Privacy

  1. By browsing this site you agree to use cookies issued via Google Blogger.
  2. This site uses Google Analytics to monitor web traffic. This involves using cookies to generate anonymous data on audience demographics, locations and the method you use to visit the site (i.e. browser, operating system, device) which can help improve the site further. By visiting this site you agree to the use of such cookies as stipulated in EU law. You have a right to opt-out, and you can download an appropriate browser add-on here.
  3. Privacy of contributors, people mentioned within blog posts and followers on social media will be respected. Through visiting this site, subscribing via email or RSS, e-mailing the author or interacting via social media, you won't be contacted without good reason. Exceptions include, for example, opting to receive e-mail alerts via Disqus.
  4. E-mail addresses and IP addresses will only be released under exceptional circumstances (i.e. a court order, the author receives personal abuse, libellous comments).
4. Intellectual Property

  1. I retain ownership of all intellectual property rights relating to the content on this site, as stipulated by Google's Terms and Conditions.
  2. You don't need to ask permission to link to any page on this site, the site itself or share content on social media.
  3. Original content (blog posts, custom images like graphs etc.) can be used or paraphrased freely on condition there's acknowledgement of the source, which may consist of :
    • A link to the original piece ("via Oggy Bloggy Ogwr")
    • Citing the author (Owen at Oggy Bloggy Ogwr/Owen Donovan/Guest Author)
5. Use of third party content

  1. On the same basis that nobody requires permission to link to any page on this site, I will not ask permission to link to another site. A link is not an endorsement of, or liability for, the content or views of any third-party website.
  2. Documents hosted by myself or another site will be linked in brackets and include an indication of the document's type (i.e pdf) - with or without a specific page number. Warnings may be given if the document is large (i.e 50MB+).
  3. All documents and links are posted on the understanding that they work, are not corrupt and are free from viruses.
  4. Still images used on this site will be credited, ideally, to the photographer. Where that isn't possible, the site hosting the image will be credited as set out in the style guide.
6. Complaints
  1. This blog complies with Google's Content Policy , and content is provided in good faith based on the Mission Statement.
  2. Complaints relating to blog posts are covered on the Contact page.
  3. Complaints relating to Disqus comments - whether by the author or a third party - are covered in the Comments Policy.
  4. Complaints that I consider inadmissible or malicious - for example, disagreeing on matters of politics or "hate mail" - may be made public.

7. Right to Reply & Comments

  1. Any individuals or organisation has a right to reply to any statements, criticism or allegations directed at them in a blog post.
  2. By choosing to leave a comment on this site, you agree to the site's Comments Policy. Anyone leaving a comment is responsible for the content of their comments. I reserve the right to edit, censor or delete any comments contrary to the Comments Policy. If you leave a comment or material on this site you grant me permission to use, free of charge, that material as I see fit.

8. Guest Posts

  1. Guest posts will be credited solely to whoever writes them (creator) or whomever it was written on behalf of.
  2. The liabilities are the same as those for posts written by myself (1.1-1.5).
  3. I reserve the right to edit guest posts as I see fit, though edited versions will be agreed between myself and the creator beforehand.
  4. Comments on guest posts will still be bound by this site's Comments Policy.
9. Whistleblowing

  1. Oggy Bloggy Ogwr is committed to transparency in public life. There may be instances where you want to provide information confidentially. Grounds that count in such circumstances include :
    • Financial malpractice, fraud or financial impropriety.
    • Information about practices/decisions inside public bodies that are in the public interest.
    • Failure to comply to statutory obligations.
    • Danger to the environment, health or general well-being of the population.
    • Any criminal activity or improper conduct (i.e bullying).
    • Active attempts to conceal the above.
  2. The anonymity of anyone providing me with such information will be respected, on condition:
    • There's a name/clear contact details given for the person making the accusation. I won't accept information given anonymously or on someone else's behalf.
    • There's verifiable "hard evidence" provided.
  3. You provide confidential information at your own risk and I strongly suggest whistleblowers obtain professional legal advice instead. If I believe a serious offence has been committed, I'll refer the information to the appropriate authority without hesitation.
10. Warranty
  1. I reserve the right to change the host, fonts, layout, format, contact details, address or this site's policies (which will be periodically updated) without notice. I make no guarantees about the frequency of posts, and I also reserve the right to close the site without notice.