About Oggy Bloggy Ogwr

Oggy Bloggy Ogwr
is a non-affiliated nationalist blog based in Bridgend. Thanks for popping by.

(Owen, the author) am not a journalist, I don't have any "insider information" and I'm quite firmly positioned outside the Cardiff political and media bubble.

I have no links to any political party and don't intend to join one. I give all parties, politicians and commentators (with the exception of the far-left and far-right) a fair hearing on condition that their arguments make sense.

Mission Statement

This blog aims to:

  • Provide discursive and analytical commentary on Welsh politics and public policy.
  • Scrutinise governments (at all levels) within Wales.
  • Monitor Welsh laws and National Assembly committee inquiries.
  • Satirise current events in Welsh politics. Sometimes, it might even be funny.

This blog aims to avoid:

  • Self-referential and trivial "gossip" doing the rounds in Cardiff Bay.
  • "Polling porn" and psephology - though I'll mention polls in passing.
  • Probing the personal lives and affairs of politicians and other public figures.
  • Investigative journalism. I'm not Sherlock Holmes, and I don't have the time or resources to do it.
  • Blatantly partisan articles - though it should be obvious where my loyalties lie.

My Political Stances

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